Hmm....your job is to help women feel NOT judged but you apparently are very quick to judge these women. Did you go into the groups and see what the members talked about? I'm curious how you can make the judgments and assumptions that you clearly make about the mere fact that the members talk about these serious issues, without actually going in and seeing how they address them.

So you're saying that there's something wrong here because the members of this site actually discuss issues that are of importance to many, many women, no just ones that seem "alternative" to you? Many blonde, non-inked, average-bodied women have issues with bipolar, body image, self-esteem, etc.

It seems to me that you already had decided that these women were "screwed up" and visited the site with that in mind. If you had empathetically gone further into their worlds, maybe you would have found the answers that you're looking for. I imagine the answer would be something like "We're just like you: we have problems and also joy in our lives. We're not perfect, We struggle. And we find a sense of belonging and community in the way we present ourselves." You probably have more in common with them than you think.