Thank you for your most thoughtful comment. I wish I had an easy answer for you. It is difficult to step back and consider the beauty of the entire person - that is, looks, authenticity, capacity to give and receive love and whether or not there is mutual compatibility when looks and the appeal of sex are so front and center in life. When men and women develop an integrated understanding of themselves and what defines beauty, then perhaps we can experience more than what externals only provide and whether or not we are "just" sexually turned on. How a person looks and the appeal of sex and sexuality are important. So, after sex, even after repeated and regular sex, what remains are people needing to talk to each other and find common ground if they seek more than just what the body provides.

If men and women have respect for each other, even when their attraction is based only on the lure and appeal of sex, then the messages changes. Respect becomes important. How one is treated becomes important. So, to you as a man I say (and I say this to women as well,) if you are drawn only to the image or fantasy you have conjured up, then remember that ultimately there is a very real and complicated individual attached to that body. Most people ultimately want the relationship, despite how complicated relationships are. Your words have meaning to another person. You are doing fine, Mario.