I am really grateful for you time and effort to replay me. If I can not change the world at least I can stop doing harm because of my ignorance. For me it is hard to look at this madness and do nothing. 90% women don't find them self attractive is madness it should be vice versa.
But I want you to ask more specific question. It is about giving woman a compliment. Sometimes if I give woman compliment about outfit, or smile, or eyes I see this glow in her I feel she is somehow empowered. But for other side I don't want to encourage woman to identify her self by how she looks. I am in dilemma am I doing wrong if I compliment looks? I almost never compliment body parts like legs and so on. God knows why those woman prize my opinion but I can see power of genuine compliment but I am not sure do I doing more harm than good. I try to treat woman equally regardless of their appearance. I don't know if it helps.

Again thanks, Mario