I know this is pretty long after you wrote this blog and I don't even know if you will be notified of this post but I have a question. You mention that Northwestern University has degree program in EP which would be great for me as I live only a couple minutes away from the school but I checked with their website under several departments and there was nothing more than an undergraduate course taught by Dr. J. Gilbert Bailey (a rather notable figure in the field, however). I even called their Psych department and no one knew anything about it. Is this something that once existed but is no more? Is there another place to look? Do you know of any other programs in Chicago/the Midwest that I could look at? Univ. of Chicago has Jerry Coyne working in their Ecology and Evolution program but that's really not where my interest lies. It seems they're scattered all around the country but very little critical mass here in the midwest to actually get a program together and run with it. So I've been reading everything I can get my hands on (including all of the works you cite) and just do the best I can. Of course, that doesn't go very far in getting me any credentials in the field. Any thoughts would be appreciated.