The client in this story apparently has a spouse who lives with the family, a fully functioning stroller, a regular babysitter, and healthy children without special needs that impact their social behavior. He's likely a man who is not publicly criticized daily for his parenting choices.

We have no idea of the woman in the elevator's situation. She might have never been to that location before to see the sign. Her child might respond poorly to being taken in and out of the stroller or pressing against strangers due to a variety of issues. My guess is that she was already stressed. Most likely, she faces the same disrespect that many mothers do when out with their children alone.

And yet the client felt put out for being squished into a busy elevator as so often happens to everyone who uses elevators.

Quoting a line from this post, "The belief that we have the right to take care of ourselves and our family, the right to be respected by others, and the right not to be hurt by them is important to psychological well-being."