If that lady with the stroller is late and is demanding the impossible or something she shouldn’t of other people because she didn’t plan ahead or give herself enough time, it’s no one’s fault but her own.
If you think she should have the right to replace people who got there first because she feels justified going ahead of others who did not do something rude to her in any way, you reek of the same entitlement.
I’m sick to death of mothers at places like Whole Foods whose kids run smack into me, or just get in the way as a crowd so people can’t shop, and they seem to feel okay being in everyone’s way. If you have a gaggle of kids, try ordering and picking up your bottom line is it’s no one’s obligation to make way for someone taking up five times more space than we are taking up.
Your kids are not special to me. I owe you nothing but civility and the courtesy that you should also give me.
Breeding doesn’t give you special rights over others. Sorry.