I can see how an entitlement mindset can come from not having needs met as a child, however, from what I observe, it seems to be an epidemic now with my generation (30 to 40 year olds) who are now parents and raising children.

There has always been entitled people, and demanding , spoiled children, but it is so wide spread now, that the behavior has become normalized.

Every singe one of my friends, REFUSE to tell their children "NO!", and even make statements such as, "I think punishment is mean" and "I don't like telling my kids no, it's just rude" and "my kids are just downright better than other kids" and " I feel bad having too many rules!"

These are ACTUAL statements I've heard, and that is just barely touching the surface of the remarks I've heard parents (mostly single-mothers) say about their children. These statements didn't just come from one person either.

I believe my generation of parents, failed to grasp that adults are the head of the household, and kids are NOT on the same level. They make everything in their home into a committee meeting, where they are literally asking--sometimes pleading--with their children, to parent them!

They have taken the concept of raising strong children, with firm opinions, ideas, and directions, who can exert themselves with confidence, into the level they have made their children into mini-tyrants, which are now slowly emerging into young adult tyrants.

They haven't created the next generation of capable, and self-assured young people with a good head on their shoulders. They created narcissism, and domineering, loud, demanding, and forever fit-throwing, human beings who entire character is about believing they are the most important person in the world, and no matter what, their wants comes first.

They let their kids run them over! This is true literally and figuratively, and create a lifetime scenario where the kids believe they are the ultimate decision and rule makers, and adults only exist to serve them.

I've had been forced into situations where I have to discipline my friend's children, when they are running through my home like feral cats, destroying everything in their path, tormenting my pets, eating all my food, leaving a mess every single place they go, helping themselves to anything they want, going any place they want, turning on the TV without asking, getting on my computer without asking, climbing on my lattice, poking hole in the plastic pool I get for my dogs to have water outside, opening cans of soda without permission, taking a sip, leaving it, and then opening another, running up and down the stairs, crawling on my new sofa, taking the cushions off and using them to climb up on the kitchen counter, spitting in my pet's water...I could go on and on.

When I tell my friend's children to STOP doing this behavior, they look at me, totally confused, stunned and dismayed! They have NO idea how to act, when they are told they CAN'T do something, or have to STOP doing it.

They are quite honestly, sent into an emotional tail spin. Either they walk off and go "tell on me" , make some smart-assed remark to me and keep doing it, totally ignore me, or start to trying to "teach me" about how life works and why they can do whatever they want.

In every single case, their mothers, either aren't paying attention at all to notice, or simply don't grasp why that behavior is a problem....because it eludes them as much as it does their children.

In their mind, their children are the most precious thing, and what could they be doing so wrong?

I have heard, "They are JUST kids" so many times, that I wish I got a dime....because I'd be rich!

The mothers I have known who permit this behavior, aren't just...permitting it, they are enabling and encouraging it with how they interact with their children, and the precedence they set early on

They also seem to believe that because they think their children are so precious, cute and funny, that everyone else does, or should as well, and they simply can't get it, why I don't tolerate that stuff in my home from their kids.

This behavior has become so common and usual for them, they don't realize how toxic and dangerous it is, and how abnormal it is to those of us who were raised much differently.

I am truthfully, very concerned and unsettled about where mankind is headed at this point, seeing how kids are coming up and what they are becoming.