I'm fascinated by the psychology of those that push strollers. There are two categories of strollers. There are the big SUV strollers and umbrella strollers. Umbrella strollers can collapse and when collapsed they can be lifted with one hand while the other carries baby. Umbrella strollers are favored by urban poor, because of their low cost and collapsability while riding public transportation.

Then there are SUV strollers which take up the maximum amount of personal space. They cannot be collapsed easily and are heavy. These strollers are favored by Caucasian people in the exurbs. It seems to them the bigger stroller the better. I notice those that push the larger strollers tend to keep their aging kids in the stroller far longer than those who use the umbrella strollers as those kids are expected to walk on their own earlier. Those with SUV strollers will take up more of a walkway and expect other pedestrians to walk around their stroller. SUV stroller pushers will block aisles in restaurants and stores, and don't feel ashamed that they are causing hardship in a business environment.

The big stroller pushers are sending a strong message, and it isn't a good one.