I was born to unloving alcoholics and have had, since babyhood, the impression I was "entitled" to more. Certainly, not more than anyone else on the planet but more than I got. Maybe I was right. Maybe I truly am a victim and just need to accept that. If so, we all are to one degree or another victims. Interesting.

Rationally, perhaps we are not entitled to anything and whatever we get is just the breaks. I can see that there would be value to feeling entitled. Would a baby with no sense of entitlement scream with rage when it was hungry?

Religiously, we have obligations to God but assuming He has them to us is iffy. We might even reach the conclusion that we are lucky to exist at all.

Socially, liberals have entitlements. Too many, perhaps. And conservatives have them, too, but only what daddy gave them or whatever they've wrested from the working poor.

I could go on. I think it is reasonable to conclude that we all feel a degree of entitlement but to assume that this is connected with feel entitled over others is a stretch.