I totally agree. I grew up poor, but I didn't know that I was poor. I only knew that some kids had more toys and actually got a Barbie doll and not a Mitzi doll because it was $2 cheaper, ir when I begged for a pair of green soft fuzzy socks to wear like everyone else had. They were our school colors and the pep club got to ride a bus to go.
My mom told me they were 79 cents and my white socks cost .25 cents, so she got me white socks and dye to wash them in the washer.They turned a mint green instead if emerald green and looked horrible. I cried all night and didn't want to wear them. I didn't want to hurt my mother's feelings, so I wore them.
When I see famous people make these demands of what color the toilet paper has to be and numerous things that are so important it is sickening.
People need to start saying no. These people think the world can't live without them, but guess what we can.
As long as people keep quiet and never tell them no, it will get worse.