I enjoyed most of the article. It was nice to be shown ways in which entitlement can happen. But the second sentence in the 6th paragraph asks the question, "what can we do about it when someone else’s sense of entitlement encroaches on our personal space or individual rights?"

Now, I don't pretend to have read this article with complete focus, but I did skim it a second time, and nowhere did I see an answer to this question. The reason I stuck with this article was to see how to live amongst people who think it's ok that they hog the road and cut you off in traffic, let their children run around calling people rude names in a busy emergency waiting room, leave their messes around for others to clean up, or just being plain rude to people for no apparent reason other than that they feel like it.

I would love to see someone write about how to get through life with this attitude surrounding them. This reading even states that it's possible to become one of the mininons of the entitled by being mistreated. If being surrounded by others believing themselves to be entitled doesn't eventually lead to mistreatment, and therefore a personal sense of entitlement, I would be shocked. This just means that the cycle will continue until a "leader" in each of these people's lives decides to take action by respecting others. How do we set this into motion? Is this a possible feat? I would love to know the answers to these questions.