We are bombarded continually by scenarios on how we should be or not be in society All...the...time. If your dog accidentally gets off the leash, you are a lousy dog owner. If you don't have white straight teeth you are neglectful of your appearance and your health. If you can't afford the good stuff from Trader Joe's you aren't eating right. It's everywhere screaming at us. Don't park here, park over there. Don't get in the elevator, wait for the next one. Don't do this, do that. So many unwritten rules. Blah blah blah... Sometimes people don't get it right...some never get it right. Let's hate them and keep feeling important and justified by complaining about how entitled they are. We have high expectations of everyone but ourselves. If that client was late for an appointment and needed to be at work afterwards and couldn't get ahold of the baby sitter you can bet money she too would be miffed if she couldn't push her stroller into that elevator.