OMG I had learned to deal with resentment and had been hard on myself because thought I was being annoyed out of resentment. But, I realized pretty much that i am annoyed by certain people doing things and sounds. It started to play in my head because it was bothering me all morning so I said like you said "To take action"

It's time to burn that broken record in my head for good. So, I realized what it came back to was annoying me that it is the same thing everyday of what could be solved. I have figured out challenges for myself every day that I didn't want to be bothered with solving one that will help me and my mother get some decent sleep.

Just to bring up to speed, the air didn't work up stairs so had to sleep in downstairs bedroom which is not as bad as it sounds, living downstairs brought me closer to my mom. But, I realized that we are annoyed with a relative of mine, no judgements he's mentally ill, nothing has changed and I think that's ben part of the "Problem" really I like to call challenge. Because I think the sounds are making me annoyed but also annoyed and a bit resentful of living situation that we can't have a conversation in the kitchen or living room without the tv full blast, or chips which is one thing which btw my mother can't stand.

You can close your mouth chewing and she will still hear you chewing lol Its the bag that gets me but I realize it really goes back to us being annoyed because we're stressed and a bit resentful that besides that we have to be woken up practically everyday early in the morning because he nees his clothes. I didn't say anything because, it's not my room I know. But, one time on a Saturday my mother was super pissed when he slammed a door and i was like that was it. I think ever since then I have become a bit resentful. I mean I don't mean to judge, not being hard on the smallest way myself thinking about a way to resolve this and not enjoying myself until I do.
It's not a matter of control but of some dang peace and quiet and less stress for my mother and I in the morning god help me lol

Because I know I wont be able to been a bit ridiculous lately and worthy of conversation lol Even if my mother disagrees or says no, you've given me the opportunity to be honest with myself, of leadership, of mutual respect, of confidence and courage to be honest with others and resolve a challenge including not just I realized what's best for me alone, but for everyone therefore worth bringing up. I'm going on here starting to magnify lol My point is annoying

But, now I think now its the opportunity thanks to your article, definitely worthy of discussion to burn that record and discuss that he needs to come in before he has dinner to grab his clothes so he won't come in everyday grabbing his clothes slamming doors and drawers from sweating through his old the next day. I really think its a great opportunity to speak up and finally have some peace and quiet and may be a win-win do everyone some good. As far as the lay potatoes chips noise goes Im looking into headphones or praying our store doesn't have potato chips on sale the next time lol But im usually a very patient, focused person I have just been very irritable and annoyed lately with lack of sleep. I mean I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but your article gave me the reassurance I need with an added bonus. If anyone else has had similar experience of living with someone noisy and/or difficult to the point of ridiculousness, or even some lol links id be grateful for your humor and/or compassion and also say to you best of luck dealing with as the grinch would say "All the noise noise noise" lol