Thanks for the refresher Meg. In all cases it seems to me that annoyance is a fundamental signal "that something is wrong with us". True it may have arrived that way as a result of outside stimulus ( persons, situations, conditions ) but the solution will always be headed under our capability to adapt.
Annoyed for no particular or identifiable reason? How about plain and simple confusion. We all can benefit from a min-breath meditation in which we re-group and ask ourselves:
1) What is REALLY wrong and what am I afraid of. All annoyance has an underlying source of FEAR and taking a moment to ask ourselves, "Hey, how important really is this and how can I ADAPT without using fight, fright or flight --- now that''s the ticket. Once we self-evaluate an annoyance we often find it isn't what we thought or as important as we surmised. Caught you on a tweet - keep it up and please visit my website and 2 recovery books. Best of the Holiday Season, Arthur