One of the very best ways to reduce anger is to win the lottery, then spend your free time being healthy, getting exercise, buying high quality food, doing yoga, building great relationships, embarking on meaningful projects, and making the effort to get enough sleep. Winning the lottery really is the only real way to cope with today's annoyances and uncertainties. It also increases confidence and a sense of control. It makes the little things so much less annoying. We should all try it, really. Or if you can't try it, at least be born into the 1% so that your life can be cushy and you won't be impacted by, say, the electric and cable company raising their rates because of, say, incompetency, or rising labor costs, or bad state policies, these kinds of things.

In today's world, being middle class is pretty annoying.

Now go buy those tickets and good luck! See you in yoga class!