Hello! Thanks for the article. I know all these things in the back of my mind, but it helps to refresh my memory on how to deal with things. Some days everything just drives me crazy...i.e. the water bottle on the floor of the passenger side of my car rolling around, the laptop cord I keep tripping over, catching every red light, my dogs barking at the kids outside, the computer loading slowly etc. I realize i need to calm down and fix what I can and learn to deal or improve, or eliminate the rest.

When I am at more stressful times in my life, or stressful moments of the day, these little things really get to me. I think I am generally easily irritated by things for some reason. I wish i wasn't, but sometimes I can laugh it off or adjust better than other times. Thanks for the post, and thanks for reminding me to focus these feelings towards improvement, whether of myself or by helping the world around me.