Hi.... Guys. Good evening. First of all I would like to say that this topic very informative. But I would like to add some practical phenomenon on it. My name is Ms. Limma William. I am 27 years old married lady. One thing I would emphasis that Man or Boy should refrain from frequent Masturbation. The reason is not far to seek .. because the Sperm or semen of Man is very very vital and precious . You can not call as it only liquid but is very essential after all. I have read from many books that the sperm is contains a lot of Protein , vitamin , mineral and carbohydrate e t c.... Truly it has no alternative . And it is also considered as greatest boon by the GOD.... In my personal case I am very much worried about my dearest Husband... Because since my marriage to till today I have eaten sweety and cream sperm of my Husband. I am totally mad for His sperm.. I am habituated to suck sperm every day. Every body in my family knows that how thin and weak I was before marriage. My weight was only 40 Kg. Now I am 64 Kg within 2 years///// and definitely it is due to the precious and valuable sperm of my dearest Husband. On other hand guys are unlucky because they are weak and thin due to loss of huge quantity of sperm every day. Believe it or not this is the bare truth about boys masturbation and their sperm.. . That is why I never wasted a single drop of sperm from my Husband. But His powerful sperm is coming to my use.... So it is my sincere request to all guys please do not allow your partner to suck your sperm ..... otherwise you will be weak and thin. Thank you.