Thank you for writing this. I am no longer a young person being 45 now, but I was one of these young people with chronic illness starting in my early 20's. It took years to even find out what was causing my strange symptoms and get medical help, but eventually found out I had a rare autoimmune illness plus was infected with Lyme disease. I struggled for years to work and support myself, spending everything I made just about on medical treatments. I had no energy after coming working all day to do much socializing or dating so eventually those invitations ceased to quit coming. After being laid off from job I found because of my medical conditions I could not keep a new job because as soon as they found out I had medical problems they booted me out the door within the 90 day probation period. So I ended up on disability at 40 and I feel like my life is over. I had to relocated to my parents hometown because cost of living is cheaper here and am embarrassed to say they help me financially because disability is not enough for anyone to live on alone. But it's rather challenging to get married or in a relationship so that they don't have to live alone when one has a chronic illness at a young age because people these days are so shallow they will dump you if you have the slightest thing wrong. Now I have to deal with people making fun of me for limping, but in next breath they will say nothing is wrong with you if I admit to being on disability. I so hate being asked "so what do you do?" when I meet someone new. I try to stay active with hobbies and groups so I can still even be around people my own age but it's not easy being accepted when I am "one of those people" as some people refer to those of us on disability as being the scourge of society. I feel so alone, and so isolated now that I do not work and am not around people my own age very often. It also hurts losing independence by having a parent help you financially on a monthly basis; it's so humiliating not to mention it gives elderly parents this idea that they can still control you and tell you what to do as if you were still a teenager. Like I have been told I am "not allowed" to go out of town and am told what hobbies I may participate in as well as where I am allowed to shop for groceries and sometimes even what I am allowed to buy. So many times I just wish I would go ahead and die because it seems like my life is already over. I keep trying to find a way to recover my health and hope and pray someday I will find someone who will love me.