Being disabled by CFS is different than more well-recognized diseases. I cannot work. I get medical "treatment" through the local county hospital which seems to not authorize treatment or official diagnosis without a test result to back it up.

I've gone from doctor to doctor, getting every test under the sun and repeatedly being told they think its CFS (if they don't get stuck swearing there's nothing wrong with me). BUT I cannot get an official diagnosis of CFS and I always get referred to psych once everything else is ruled out.

Its bad enough that I have no medical treatment. I rely on rest, hot baths, herbal supplements & vitamins, tv, and an online support group as my only treatments.

Yet, without a doctor willing to give me an official diagnosis and declare me disabled, I cannot get services like nursing care. I am dependent on my boyfriend to do everything for me. If something happened to him, I'd be dependent on my dad (who's in his 60's & has already had a stroke) until he gets too sick. Then, I'd have no where to go.

Being in my 20's having a relationship with someone completely healthy is difficult. He has no experience to understand me by and he wants to have more fun than I can give.

I can only live day by day hoping that, before my dad becomes too sick, there's some scientific breakthrough legitimizing my illness. Otherwise, I'll literally die if my boyfriend and I break up. I cannot take care of myself.