I am the mother of a chronically sick 18 year old. He has been sick and even sometimes homebound since age 12. Misdiagnosis and disbelieved has only compounded the frustration. Having misunderstood Lyme disease and now PANS has lead to depression. Can't work, college didn't work, lost IQ, memory etc. Gained major weight and now doesn't look or feel like the person he once was. I feel it is harder on males. His friends didn't stick around, he lost all sports which had been a huge part of his life. Now he feels he isn't good at anything. He isn't talking to me like he used to so I worry even more now.
I am taking the article with me to his new psych appointment on Wednesday. So far no one seems to get him nor do they know how to help him. I think the article sums up everything.
Best wishes to everyone!