I wish there was someway to contact one another through here. I had Lyme disease and managed to get well though I do have residual arthritis from it and I feel I could probably offer advise on best forms of treatment and "after care" after the antibiotic treatments are completed. Best thing I can advise is make sure he is on a high dose of Vitamin D3. I feel like I would have been able to fight the initial Lyme infection off when first bitten if I had not been deficient in Vit D like so many others are. Years later I started taking it and am a lot healthier than I have been in years. There are a number of other supplements I take and things I do that also has helped, but it's too complicated to get into here. I do hope you son's health improves and let him know he is not alone in his Lyme struggles, but he can get better and get some of his life back. ((hugs))