Thank you for a great article. I was laying here trying to find info to try educate my family on what it is like to be in agony day in day out and pretty much house bound. However for any of my fellow pain sufferers I think it's important to not compare yourself to others. I have shocking back pain that started at 11, I am still traumatised by how many people never believed me but also I look at others who may have had a car crash or a bigger back surgery and they are pain free and wonder if I am just weak, need to harden up. Despite the extreme pain, five spinal surgeries, two more to come in the next month I am proud that I did manage to finish school, go to college and have a successful career but my biggest accomplishment is marrying my husband who never questions my pain. I unfortunately can no longer work but I hope to find a hobby and volunteer to help other young pain sufferers.
To all you out there, please never give up and don't feel alone. Xx