I'm 28 now but was dx'd at 23. Both dx's were so severe at that point, I had to quit working just two months after I turned 24. I've been on SSDI since I was 26. I feel ya.. I used to be tormented by the thought I wouldn't ever find someone who would love me, illnesses and all but almost 2 years ago my high school sweetheart came back. That was my luckiest moment ever- to have someone who loved me then come back and want to take care of me now. I was extremely nervous of going to one of his work things and having to answer what I did for a living, he told me- just say you're medically retired. It works decently well, most people get uncomfortable and don't want to impose or be rude so they don't ask anything further. Maybe you could use that too? I couldn't imagine that type of home life, maybe you could find someone else who is chronically ill and lives off disability to rent with? Hugs, I don't relish the memories of being so utterly lonely and sad. If you ever need to chat, I'm here.