You're right; we shouldn't have to hide our illnesses or injuries, and we shouldn't have to deal with people judging us because we did more or less than they expected or being scared to deal in an appropriate manner with something we've learned to cope with every day. It's amazing how often people want those of us who have a few extra challenges to just give up, stop trying to survive or be halfway functional, stop reminding them of their own shortcomings or poor work ethic or that sometimes bad things happen in the world, especially if what they are doing may be contributing to it or to their own poor health down the road. That "just give up" attitude boggles my mind even more than those who can't understand that health issues won't always be visible, and that some days you can get away with pushing a little harder but you'll likely be paying for it later.

I hope that things like these blogs and discussions popping up in social media will enlighten others and help people to understand how important it is to take health issues seriously and to try to prevent problems. Those of us who are young need to be self sufficient, and can't always depend on things like having adult kids or others around to help us and having senior discounts and government programs to cover our needs, but our culture and our support systems are designed to reduce self-sufficiency rather than helping people to achieve it through accommodations or other assistance. Hopefully, in time, that will change. Glad you found some people that are supportive of you. Hope you are able to stay strong and accomplish your goals. :)