Thank you for writing this piece. I was diagnosed at 34 with a few chronic issues and unfortunately I lost everything including my mind. Everything you wrote is true. In my case I started letting people and family members go. For those who would not leave me I found a way to push them out of my life. Not really the best idea but I didn't want them to see me suffer or suffer because I'm sick and can not do what I use to. It has been nothing less than a fight for 10years. People are mean,hurtful and rude. What they can't see they don't believe. I found it easier to act like I'm ok when my insides are screaming in pain. Counseling helps. I think it is important to know that some doctors will treat you like a lab rat and don't care about your suffering. It is best to be informed about your condition and the treatments available that are fda approved. So you can help take good care of yourself. Counseling, diet, exercise and non toxic people and Doctors should be a guide for you. Doctors like patients are a dime a dozen. Anti toxin teas and vitamins help fight inflammation. Inflammation causes pain. I know its not that simple but it might help in addition to med therapy. My prayers are with us all. Thank you.