You stated a couple of times that masturbation does reinforce and strengthen a paraphilia, but I wasn't clear on what the evidence for that was. Does the paraphilia disappear if you force yourself to never think about it? Or does it just go underground, the way emotions like anger will go underground if you force yourself ignore them?

Personally, being someone who enjoys transvestic fetishism myself, I don't find that particular paraphilia harmful or something I need to hide. It depends on what social circle you're in. I'd never mention it at a book club, but I'd feel comfortable discussing it at a BDSM conference. I've had several partners who've enjoyed exploring that game with me and, provided it occurs between consenting adults (I mean, jeez, how are you going to force someone to put on opposite-gendered clothes? Joan of Arc's trial notwithstanding), I don't think there's anything wrong or shameful about it.

You didn't state that there is something wrong with cross dressing, but it did get included in the same list with pedophilia and I felt that its inclusion lumped it together with paraphilias that maybe ought not to be reinforced. I think what I want to say here is that cross dressing doesn't need to be shameful, because there's nothing about it that harms another person and the social stigma doesn't exist in all parts of society.