What the hell is a paraphilia? These are just culturally determined taboos.

Paraphilias are not the real issue. Masturbation saps energy levels --mentally and physically. It can cause serious emotional problems too (unfashionable as this is).

You know why? Because it amplifies that sense of lack, absence and loneliness. After the pleasure no one is there. One masturbates to fill an emotional lack, but it just gets worse. This loneliness is often crippling in young people. It is much easier to masturbate (often these days to porn) than to seek out real-life interactions.

The answer is to minimise masturbation or abstain deliberately for periods, much like fasting. There are benefits especially in terms of a sense of self-mastery and mental energy. Try to meet someone for a genuine sexual relationship--although, of course, that is not always possible.