I'm a girl, and I came across this article by chance.
I have a very high libido- and odaxelagnia, a biting paraphilia. It's pretty strange and very obsessive, I've had it since I was twelve years old. The thought of a man on top of me, licking and then biting me in all sorts of places drives me insane. I've found media that is basically "porn" for me, I fantasize and write about it in detail and I also press fake teeth upon my skin.

I deal with chronic pain, so I can't leave the house and date people; masturbating is my only sexual outlet. I spent years getting over the guilt I had about this, as I have always heard that girls are not supposed to be sexual.
I may be alone for the rest of my life due to my health issues. I'm 22 and have never had anyone... it's not an easy thing to accept. I've spent months with internet dating, but to no success.

I've already felt like there's been something off about me sexually due to my fetish. I know it's not normal, and that it may disturb some people if they saw how I carry on. I've never had a boyfriend before, so I don't have any first-hand experience of how men react to it.

Reading this article made me feel very bad, like it's a repulsive problem that needs to stop... and that by giving into it I've just been feeding it and making it worse. I feel terrible because it's something that makes me happy and makes me feel good. It distracts me from the physical pain and depression I deal with every day.
Is being the way I am wrong? Is my fetish disgusting? Would it ruin potential relationships? Do I need to stop?