Wow dr Shelton , you are like the modern day dr Kellogg’s. (look up Dr Kellogg’s strange methods with suppressing masturbation in children) if you understand the reference
Your opinion is harmful to voice luckily I’m sure people are well educated enough to see that you have taken the quotes out of context and also using The dated DSM again using it out of context to vent your outdated and dangerous belief around masturbation . There is plentiful evidence from real credible physicians, professors of evolution, mental health, psychiatrists, sociologists, psychologists that masturbation is a normal healthy part of development please do your research and stop misconstruing truths to suit your misguided opinions.
I would strongly recommend you read Sex At Dawn by DR Christopher Ryan and Caclilda Jetha to offer you some backed up evidence around this issue and perhaps do some self analysis on yourself as a Dr in this area people look to you for advice what your giving is shame building poison and you actually have nothing to back it . In regards to your paraphernalia you know all the current research shows unhealthy sexual beliefs are what breed into paraphernalia masturbation actually works to keep a healthy sexual connections. Again there’s years of proof including in evolution.