I do like the article for what it pinpoints, let me begin with.
However, i have to say what i have found to be the females that are less accepted in a crowd in our modern times, of American citizens preaching to teach their children to "toughen up" and not be "woosies" a message that has parents teaching their female children as well as male, are the ones who actually express more emotional understanding than a lack of....
These days Americans are not as empathetic preaching and role modeling as we once were. Its more and more common for females who embrace emotion and understanding not just for themselves but for their peers to be coldly misunderstood and considered unpopular for their expressions of care mistaken for signs of weekness.
Not every girl who plays with the boys engaging in sports and and refrains from peer pressure and gossip is mismanaging their emotions. I understand that what the writer is trying to display is that in a social normal state females would socialize with other females and that naturally all females should exhibit a form of nurturing and empathy, but these things are taught and typical do not form in woman until early adolescence. Bullying and "shunning" of a student or child is very common amongst young woman. Not every female that strays from the crowd is emotionally insecure. Feeling saddened by bullying and expressing feelings of distress is normal and healthy. When a mom a dad or a friend is around to comfort us we often take for granted how lucky we are for having that. SOme do not, but it is not the lack of care shown for us that makes us bad.
Good and Bad children come from good and bad situations. This is something psychology proves. I think it is important in Psychology to remember there are no absolutes and no consistency. Every situation is defferent for each individual and stating findings should be stated with reference to the individual experience witnessed and embracing and anticipating the experiences others will share that are contradictory and complementing to our own experiences of witnessing.
In other words. I think it is healthy of some adolescent woman who are being shunned by a crowd due to peer pressure and bullying to stray from trying to impress and seek comfort in relationships that ARE less shameful feeling like playing sports with male peers; often these females find comfort in relationships with a few other females, but not being "popular" is not a reason to consider a child a "problem." Male friendships are healthy for a female and teach them about males as future reference when they become of age for dating and courting.
Extra curricular activities such as sports that young woman take part in when they embrace male freinds due to rejection from females is healthy and encouraged and is a much safer means of socializing than attempting to "belong" or "fit in with a crowd" and should be encouraged.
Often the child considered "rejected" is actually shining a light of leadership and setting an example of discouragement for peer pressure that others will soon follow. Part of becoming an adult is understanding independence, and not needing or looking for the approval of others before doing what u want to do for what u think is right. Often its the very young woman that are not excepted by a crowd who are demonstrating good qualities of emotional awareness than a lack of.