i have to disagree. Its the problem thats bother them that exists. If someone is bothered by a problem so much that they make that big of a fuss out of it it is that big of a deal and a lack of empathy and understanding form tehir surroundings is creating the chaos and the drama. Allot of the time it is a lack of concern and understanding for a persons feelings thats creating the drama. People who suffer from severe ptsd often have fits when people surrounding them do not empathize or show sever dis-concern for their experiences and emotions. The truth is they have every right to display these disturbances. What does it trouble us to say simply... "we understand" than to call people "drama queens" or names or tell them theyre a problem because them looking for support our sharing their problems bothers us or disturbs us.
We preach all the time telling people if they ever need advice or a shoulder to cry to or someone to talk to not to hesitate, but then when they do we tell them they are spreading negativity or being overly dramatic....
Often we do not consider how much a lack of understanding can hurt someone. If someone is taking the time to share with us and wishes for us to understand so much that they are willing to fight with us to make us understand we should consider how hard is it to say "im listening; i know it hurts; and.... im here for u."
People become irrate when theyve suffered major loss when others do not show empathy for their experiences. Often it is hard for us to understand when we havent experienced these problems ourselves but it doesnt matter how little it may seem a problem to us it is not our problem it si theirs and if they say it is bothering them that much we should take them seriously.
We often give the advice that the only person to blame for our problems is ourselves, but naturally children and adults who come from abusive situations are not to blame for others mistreatment agaisnst them and if they had the choice they wouldnt have chosen to be placed in such an environment. I think the notion is flawed because naturally if we had the choice we would choose to spoil ourselves rotten.
Victims of rape and abuse are often dubbed the problem or "drama queens" when they do choose to share with others around them. They may seem to be over reacting, but until uve been through what they have been through u can not judge that. Since we will never be able to experience another persons experiences for ourselves we should take their word for it because it hurts no one to be empathetic, sympathetic and considerate for another, and the positive reaction u will get from them when u do start to show it will feel really good for u too; All that drama will melt away...
Its important to understand that our failure to express concern for others is what causes others to avoid sharing our problems with others. Its time we stopped blaming the victims and understand it is all of our fault when someone is hurt not just the person who hurt them but us for not showing concern or lacking a willingness to help. It is our behavior that inhibits abuse and allows abusers to commit abuse.
In essence its usually the one doing teh "drama queen" name calling that is create the drama by trying to add salt to an already suffering victims wounds. They are the ones fueling the drama and playing with anothers suffering and pain.
Feeling emotions is healthy and a natural life function. Its is sharing emotions and learning to embrace these emotions shared that we need support with. Our western nation is leading drastically away from preaching empathy for others. It is when someone understands us or atleast aims to that ends the drama and teh suffering.
When someone is hurting take them seriously, and try to understand their pain