I am confused by the topic here. Or perhaps, what I perceive as a Drama Queen. My definition deals with someone who is always quick to blow. Anything has the potential to become a terrible situation for them...and no one ever has it as bad as they do. Because they never deal with their emotions in a healthy way, and never accept that life itself is unpredictable, coupled with a victim mentality such that they somehow never have any responsibility for what takes place and a sad inability to forgive anyone for any wrongdoing, real or imagined, any situation that is not warm and fuzzy causes them to react explosively. They stand precariously on a giant pile of anger and hurt all the time. Because of this, any little thing can be "the last straw" because they are emotionally unable and unwilling to deal with their past hurts and dissappointments. A simple thing like being stuck in traffic becomes the worst thing that ever happened to them. A rainy day is a personal assault against them. A disagreement with a co-worker absolutely ruins their day. And then everyone in the Drama Queens world must endure the rehashing; the anger, the hurt, the horror, the insult! I daresay, anger is their best known emotion...certainly their best friend. The lacking seems to be in acceptance. In compassion. In accepting their role as contributors in their own lives.
I must conclude therefore, my sympathies must go with those who's misfortune it is to have to deal with the Drama Queens in their world.
And yes, Drama Queens will have more male friends because men are more prone to lend a sympathetic ear from either a protective stance or one based on physical attraction.