I know a LOT of drama-queen men but they've managed to dodge the label because they tend to create their drama via passive-aggressive means. They dump their moodiness on their girlfriend/wife cuz they know they can. They pout, stonewall, mumble, glare, dodge any subject they don't like, complain endlessly, use gf/wife as a scapegoat for their own churlish behavior, and whine like spoiled brats.

Then when their victims (girlfriend/wife) have just had it up to their eyeballs and say ANYTHING back except 'you're right' well yeah you guessed it -- the gf/wife is the Drama Queen. The guy has been creating tension and drama non-stop -- almost as though he's just priming you and pushing you for a reaction. But when he finally gets it -- YOU are the drama queen.

Drama Queens don't exist in a vacuum people! Seriously! Think about it it. Most people don't jump, they get PUSHED! Stop being so simple-minded and look at the build-up to the main event. That build-up usually comes from an emotionally stunted man.