Isn't it true that severe traumatic brain injury most often results in negative personality changes and negative functional changes such as loss of memory, loss of basic cognitive ability, mutism, a new and frighteningly violent temper, etc., depending on which part of the brain was damaged?

I had an acquaintance who was in a minor traffic accident and received a closed-head injury or concussion, and for years afterward she suffered from slowed cognition and hesitant speech, much like a stutter. The TBI had negatively impacted her ability to think and speak normally. She'd tested as having a very high IQ, over 130, previous to the accident, and afterwards her IQ tested lower. She speaks more normally now, but she never recovered her former fluency in her chosen line of work and remains on disability 20 years later.

Brain aneurisms, strokes, dementia, and brain tumors: those are forms of brain injury and you don't often read, if ever, that a stroke or an aneurism or a brain tumor or dementia has improved anyone's life.

So, here's hoping that anyone reading this article won't try bashing their own skull in hoping to achieve super-intelligence or special abilities; its much more likely that all they'll gain is a massive headache at the very least, and at the very worst a ghastly, permanent and severe disability.