While I am definitely an introvert, I am more accurately defined as terribly shy. This would seem a major problem for a 40-year old male, elected public official (prosecutor) that has to (1) hob knob with thousands of people for votes and (2) argue in front of judges and juries every day. It is a problem but somehow I pull it off. I've taught myself (or tricked myself) into calling "time out" on the extreme anxiety and trepidation of social situations while in the moment. For example, right up until an event begins, I am a wreck on the inside. As I approach the podium to address the jury for the first time in a trial, I feel i might drop dead from the anxiety. Once I start, I am mostly fine. Right after the event ends, I return to being a wreck. The 'event' itself is never as taxing as the anticipation of the social event (although it still isn't very fun). It is different than acting a part in those situations. It is almost a security device. As directly relates to this article, in those terrifying social moments, I have developed a reputation as an energetic and forceful speaker and advocate. Knowing how terrified I am of those moments, it is quite an amusing thing to me. People even like to accuse me of "showboating" at times. Too funny.