Thank you, this was interesting. Have you, by chance, read "Quiet: The Power of Introversion in a World That Won't Stop Talking"? I read, and loved, that book. I often feel very unappreciated as an Introvert.

I consider myself an Introvert -- social situations with a lot of people present are very draining for me. Public speaking is terrifying. It's something that, honestly, I wish I could change about myself because the world is definitely geared toward extroverts. Strangely, as a younger child I had a lot of friends and was almost bossy -- I would come up with ideas and get my friends to go along with them. As I entered adolescence, things changed very rapidly and I suddenly found myself alone. I was extremely self-conscious.

As an adult, I'd like to find someone to help me get over this kind of anxiety in social situations. I have some things I'd like to accomplish professionally and this makes things difficult. I'm also, oddly, drawn to acting / performing, but have not tried it due to being afraid.