U know, I am waiting for Dr Seltzer's reply on this question... this was me at a young age too. I am an introvert but I had many friends in school - we all complemented each other.. But then there was a not-so-good love affair in my teenage years, & I'm being euphemistic. Though I feel I've come a long way,its effects catch up with me sometimes, unpredictably. Add to it one/two close friends who walked out on me at some crucial points in life, & now I get cold feet even at the thought of interacting with people because I'm mostly warm & helpful but I feel I'm going to be taken advantage of in some way. I have to make a valiant effort to fight these thoughts & go out into the world - & sometimes it takes quite a toll on me. Introvertedness & extreme self-consciousness is a hell of a combo. Hoping for some advice.