This was very helpful. When I was younger, I wasn't known to be extroverted, but I performed on stage and had chemistry with people, definitely.I stopped acting because I had become too sensitive to the roles I was playing, because I really made myself feel what I felt my characters would feel. As I got older, I got waaay self conscious, and I wasn't the same. I'd lost my carefree way. So if I were to describe it, I guess I became more shy. I don't know. I don't like labels. All I know is I really want to be brave and not have limits. I want to not over analyze how I am perceived, and I want the nerve to be in a band that I was invited into, but have not yet sung with. I over think how my voice will sound and it messes me up. Buuut, I will admit I am getting better with these problems, every day I am. I just would hope that we all have bits of extrovert and introvert traits in us in different situations, and that we can evolve from them. I loved this article.