The original article certainly spoke to me. And your situation is similar to mine, albeit I'm not shy but am most definitely an introvert. I'm a part-time college 'professor' or lecturer as we would call it in the UK, and also an elected councillor in local government. There are personal and, indeed, personality drivers for my attainment of public office, but the description of an introvert being passionate about a subject and it motivating followers is scary in its resonance. The ability to motivate people like that is something I find really very uncomfortable, and I find it difficult to believe, however I also believe I have a talent and something to contribute to society, and find it therefore impossible to ignore and not continue to do.

One thing that is a revelation is that I'm not alone in this situation, because I do look around me at my colleagues and fellow politicians and the traits I see in myself, particularly introversion, are not common. Extroversion and borderline narcissism are much more prevalent.