The comment "The worst is my experiences in politics when meeting voters. It takes everything that I have to walk up to a stranger and make small talk. It is almost painful in a weird way. And I am never more uncomfortable than I am in that moment." is one I can entirely relate to. Small talk is something I just don't do. I'd rather present to 100 people on a controversial policy issue (and risk them chucking stuff at me) than have to make small talk with one person. As you say, uncomfortable to the point of borderline painful.

I've become better at talking in those social situations, but I've tried books and other sources, but the suggestions and ideas just seem either ridiculously facile or impossible to contemplate, there's no 'connect' with the issue as it faces me. They're not, from the ones I've found, geared to the issue I actually have. It's probably because the number of people who are introverts who deliberately place themselves in that position are very small, and there's therefore no market for a book that addresses it!