It's been shown time and time again that just about any organism capable of orgasm can be conditioned to be sexually attracted to bizarre things through repetitive positive reinforcement. From mice humping the unliving hell out of a rag that stinks of death to men (and some women!) slowly declining into more and more disturbing pornographic desires through escalation, it's safe to say that if technology replaces the need for a physical partner, things aren't going to end well.

Weren't there some tests on animals that stimulated the orgasm nerve in their mind when they pressed a button, and most of them flat out killed themselves from over exertion because they kept pressing the orgasm button? I could be imagining that one, but it seems pertinent.

If I could just strap myself into a machine that slurps and sucks just like a real woman, or even better than one, then what's the use of trying to convince a woman to do the same thing? Some would say for the rest of the woman's body and normally I'd agree. But the mind, the brain, doesn't care. The brain is a heinous blob of meat that is more interested in feeling good than feeling up a good body. It will take the path of least resistance for pleasure, and quickly become used to it if there is no proper discipline enacted. So much so that the idea of anything otherwise may seem dull, uninteresting, or just plain not worth it.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but if we continue to allow it to override our most intimate of natural tendencies, we're going to end up more like the Eloi from the Time Traveler than the Borg from Star Trek. We'll be used to being pleasured day in and day out, in a constant state of euphoria.

But in regards to those whose pornographic interests escalate, I have to wonder what personal Hell awaits them should the perfect mechanical blow job starts to become less than tantalizing. Where would they get their jollies then? Real women? They're already using toys to reach orgasm faster than any man can hope to give them; you think technology in the future won't totally replace the penis for women?

We're on a steep hill, and it's hard to tell if it's an incline or a decline. I fear the worst for our sexual future. I fear that we'll either become bonobos, having sex at every possible moment, or we'll be screwing machines instead of each other because they have the perfect orifices, and/or the most vibratory phalluses. I don't much like either direction.