If, as the first commenter suggests, masturbation, especially assisted/enhanced masturbation, inevitably leads to a "porn-gap" and the participants becoming thrall to their respective toys, why has this same result not occurred with women's toys, which have led the way in technological advances and also include "hands free" technology? Is there trend data that supports an escalation of women's use of porn and more extreme porn? Is there data that support women becoming less attracted to lighter, alternating and nuances stimulation? Is there data that shows that women who masturbate with toys no longer masturbate with their fingers/hands? If there is, I'm not aware of this.

Time has passed since vibrators where marketed as a way to treat women for hysteria. Nair does not have "palm-specific" products. Large numbers of young men and women have not become blind.

While some might opt-out to technology, others will understand that their personal lives and the fantasies driven by their own personal sexual tastes and experiences will far out-strip the frantic mechanical activities that occur on screen. And, an additional outlet might exist for those who want to only masturbate (with or without mechanical assistance).

There may be other uses for these male toys -- e.g., desensitizing men to help lengthen IULT (assuming they sometimes or eventually "partner-up") -- that might promote rather than impede partnered sex.