I've been reading that as masturbation has become more accepted and prevalent, many men enjoy it more often simply for the pleasure, fun, and even the health of it- entirely independent from traditional feelings of loneliness and relationships.

A growing number of men report that the sensation and pleasure they get from stroking and ejaculating has grown especially intense and so they enjoy masturbating quite often, and completely independent of any relationship they may or may not be in.

A growing number enjoy using devices to help develop and enhance the pleasure and their ejaculatory capacity and so it is no surprise that we have seen an explosion in the market for such devices. A growing number even report adopted this activity as a valued hobby. They strap on and spend hours, hands-free, edging and stimulating their erection as they surf the web for porn or chat with others, of just go about other daily business. This tends to amplify their ejaculations and increase their desire for more.

My boyfriend is one such guy and I fully support his goal of a stronger more copious ejaculation. Frankly, I think this is a positive and healthy trend and am happy knowing that males are increasingly becoming comfortable with themselves and in tune with their needs and pleasure.