Yeah, we should totally outlaw it. That'll put an end to people watching sexually entertaining titillation. Just look at how well Prohibition worked.

Honestly, blaming porn for intimacy problems is like blaming violence on video games.

When porn perpetuates damaging stereotypes it doesn't mean we should abolish porn, it means consumers should demand better and a larger variety of content that showcases at turn what consent looks like, a variety of body types, a variety of ways of having sex, different types of safe sex practices. Some could be B movie quality, and some could be erotic art.

Blaming cheating on porn is ridiculous. If the only thing keeping someone from cheating is their lack of exposure to a variety of people, then they are a cheater anyway, and the moment they are in an environment where there are a lot of potential sexual partners, they will cheat.

As long as porn is not taking over one's life (keeping someone from eating, sleeping, working, or changing the way they used to interact with people to a dramatically different level), it's not an addiction, it's just one of many ways people amuse themselves.