Ok, I appreciate the responses and there's much more I'd like to say about this but I'll restrict myself to the following;

Whether or not you're right or wrong, your argument, that is stated with such unreasonable certainty, is probably invalid because it relies on undefined premises, or deliberate misrepresentation**. You haven't defined either 'romantic relationship' or 'porn', both of which are heavily relied on to support your conclusions and both of which come in many varieties, some of which don't actually support your conclusions at all. It's as if you're relying on the laziness, credulity or generosity of the reader, which is intellectually lazy at best, and deliberately misleading at worst.

**e.g. Your conclusion that [Porn-free relationships are stronger, with a lower rate of infidelity.] based on the results of a study that only included people aged 18-34.

This whole article comes across as sensationalistic, fallacious, badly argued, poorly supported, unreasonably certain and aimed at the 5 second attention span generation.

Rgrds, Rich