This article is a steaming pile. If a couple is fully "mature" in their sexuality, if they are both secure in who they are and don't find every little thing "threatening" to both their own self-image and the stability of the relationship, erotica (porn, if you insist) poses no "threat" to their romance or their relationship.

Usually, one of the biggest problems is the fallacy that ALL sexual arousal in the relationship must ORIGINATE within the relationship; that anything other than that is tantamount to "cheating."

Now, let me pause there and say that SOME people can have a problem with anything, because they lack any sense of moderation or self-control. Thus, they can have a problem with sugar, salt, their weight, their tan, or any number of things related to wellness or self-image.

Consider WRITTEN erotica. Sexy novels. Nobody seems to have a problem with that. "50 Shades" sold over 100 million copies. And nobody pauses to consider that when you READ erotica, you still create a video inside your head, so you're still dealing with a kind of "visual." The words you read are translated into images and emotions. Even worse, with textual erotica, the author can put you right INSIDE the head of the character, instead of just staying on the outside, looking at an image. Don't fool yourself; the only difference between written erotica/porn and pics or videos is the medium.

Just because some people have no sense of moderation in their "consumption" of things doesn't mean that erotica/porn is some big threat to relationships.

It's no the "thing," people; it's what you DO with the "thing."

Stop blaming erotica/porn for your relationship issues.