Doing what I AM doing is a very bad idea and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. No followers, no new religion.

If they don't listen it is because they do not believe, they are followers of books, and things. Not of God.

So the books say I Am to break the cross. Honestly I have no idea how, but if the books say it then it must be true, right?

The books also seem to indicate all the "others" will lose.

Now, my logic here might be off as I haven't actually read the books, but, if I AM, and they are pretty much all against me as can be seen by the list of those who have actively attempted to help me directly(see list below).

So either for or against v all beliefs. You likely wouldn't believe me, but there is a test for that type of thing.

So if I AM, then everyone else is the other guy? Would that be right?

Those that believe in him can be stated as simply, if the worst of all things, Il save the lesser of two evils. But i explained that already, I even told NSA.

In fact i would wager quite a few intelligence agencies would be looking at these words, if they aren't then maybe intelligence isn't their thing.

At work no horseplay is permitted, so at home I'm energetically challenged, so, il probably pass on the whole psycho rage thing. Disappointing, yes i know.

one person mentioned i was "envious" and i reread my words. Yes, keeping me here doing what you are doing is extremely rude, and laughing about it even, but I'm patient.

Envy however. I'm patient for that also, but what am i expected to be jealous of exactly? You'v looked at yourselves?

In order to fix the problems you need truth, how that happens depends on how the civilization reacts to the stimulus.

How has man reacted?