To the author
Why do your start the article within a few lines with a clearly sexist comment?
'Ask the average CEO how to optimize a work space, and SHE might suggest you consult with an interior designer'

There was no need to use male or female gender simply 'they' would have sufficed. Grammatically that would be more correct anyway as 'average CEO' is plural. Worse, its also an incorrect fact as the average CEO is still actually male!

You then compound the error by referring to evolutionary psychologist as a 'he' which is just as sexist.

Authors who use 'he' and 'she' as general terms, really need to realize how it undermines their arguments in an article by showing sexism in this way.

Simply use the non gender reference 'they', you should never have to use 'he' or 'she' unless talking about a specific person. Should add its just as infuriating to see 'he' being used in the same way - which you are also guilty of!

Now will try and read the resat of the article!