"There are likely a variety of contributors to such
antisocial behavior. Poor education, economic hopeless,
lack of an intact family, and a sense of disenfranchisement
among young men can all "prime the pump" from which this
senseless violence pours. Add in a popular culture that
worships violence and plenty of unhealthy role models to
turn to in film, music, and video games, and you have a
boiling cauldron of frustration and anger with no healthy

Yes, very well said.

It really is horrifying the extent that movies/tv shows
/video games glorify violence, and even mock those who
are victims of violence.

Of course parents should limit and control what their
kids watch. But most don't because the giant media
corporations (that are pumping out all this garbage),
also spend a lot of money convincing the public that
violent media is either harmless and/or cathartic
for both kids and adults.

And of course, it is easy to convince parents who
want to be convinced, that sitting and watching
"The Terminator" with your kid is good family fun.