It was constant disrespect and frequent verbal abuse that I got from my one year older sister most of my life; but I am resilient and am a positive person who has been able to maintain a relationship with this older sister because I want to have a good relationship with my mother, who is a good mother but could never get her to respect me; my mom is emotionally dependent on her now because she has always lived nearby and my mom raised her children. But now that this sister's son is showing this same disrespect and physical and verbal abuse towards my son, who is much younger, I decided to intervene by approaching my sister with the request to get her son to stop doing the things (like trapping my son in a dark rooms, hitting him on the head with objects) and her reaction was that her son is my victim because I am so "vicious", and my mother supports her "boys will be boys" response and my frustrations continue to simmer, and I really have to work hard so I am not angry and bitter at this unfair sibling dynamic which has no solution (I was hoping for maturity to resolve it, but I was wrong).